Friday, May 1, 2015

Samurai Seed Saver Improvised Seed Packet

A Jack-of-All trades, all-around excellent human and good friend of mine taught me how to make these seed packets. He learned it in one of his trades, police work, because some drug dealers use it as a cheap way to package dope or crack.

But not us gardeners! So crack is often a powder, from what I've learned in the movies, and expensive powder at that. So both the drug dealers and their poor addicted clientèle want to minimize losses. This works great as a seed packet because even small seed can be easily collected and transported. It works much better than pockets of coats and pants, and you'll see a significant decrease in the amount of lint in your seed mixes.

It's pretty self-explanatory, but if it proves unclear still, I could do a video. I'm on a computer that doesn't allow me access to any real illustration software, so I made do with paint and a mouse.

I've used this for seed exchanges, wildcrafting, and sharing seeds with friends from my own genetics collection.

Cheers and happy collecting, growing, and sharing!


  1. I found that I can use a post-it for very small seed. Cool!

    1. Excellent. Sometimes I staple the top flap to keep really small seeds like poppies contained.


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